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About Us

Four​ years ago, before GLOs was launched, our founder Simon met two young people and some friends in Singapore, respectively leading to the city's leading in-depth tourism agency, and a keen advocate and provider of early STEM education.

In 2017, Simon was inspired and established GLOs - a confederation of companies and brands, which they enjoy total autonomy in operation, providing the best soil to those who can peek through the future, and design the best product or service under the age of "uberization" - a time when people can choose proactively without an institution.

With a global vision, teams of skilled, focused and impassioned talents have since then dwelled in the workplace. Specializing in different areas, we are devoted to provide the most unique solution to clients.


We like freshness. We love things being unique.
Instead of sticking to the status quo,
we peep through the future and bring the best out.


Founder, GLOs

Sagittarius. Scholar of global relations. Some say life begins at forty, and he has founded his own company, GLOs, before then, which aspires to become a one-stop global relations industry chain, and has been expanded to over twenty branches now, and counting. 

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. Having nowhere to go but everywhere, he resides in numerous countries, as he believes that the world has to be seen and felt, and only by venturing over mountains and across seas can one truly see a world in a grain of sand. Early in life, he devoted in studying his interest, the fascinating field of global relations, and in recent years, he has become a devoted husband and a father of two. Ascended to this stage of life, his soul of the traveller does not fade, and his journey goes on. Voyaged from near and far, he has left his trail on over 120 countries. Enlightened, he gathers start-up teams who spark ardour for global relations form different fields, connecting their specialism with everyday life in order to share the alluring view of the vast world. 

Founding Consuls

Hung Tak Wai

Research Director

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Graduated from The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Hung Tak Wai is a young scholar who has been studying minorities in history and contemporary Asia. He has particular interest in minority religious groups, including but not limited to Muslims and Christians, in late Imperial China since the 17th century and ethnic minorities in contemporary Hong Kong.

David Chow

NGO Director

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Obtaining a degree in Government and International Studies in Hong Kong Baptist University and studying in the master program of Education at the University of Hong Kong, David is experienced in initiating projects related to international affairs and global insight. He is also a keen organizer in education program that bring new insight to students and enhance their interest in global affairs and trends.