More than 80 employees working for 20+ brands and companies under GLOs Confederation.


GLOs is a confederation of companies and brands in which GLOs Co Ltd or its Founder has a co-founding share-holding participation, while they enjoy total autonomy in operation. We aim at providing the best soil to those who can peek through the future, and design the best product or service.

Teams of skilled, focused and impassioned talents have dwelled in the workplace. Specializing in different areas, we are devoted to provide the most unique solution to clients.



GLOs pursues to redefine tourism. Joining young entrepreneurs, scholars, and experts from all over the globe, we dig into cultures, we share our travelling philosophy, and we advocate sustainable tourism.


Futuro IN.

“Futuro” is how we say “future” in Italian. Partnering with Adesso e Futuro, Futuro IN. specially designs unique tours to Italy that walk you through the culture, history, and society of Italy, and together we walk into possibilities of Italy’s future.

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Creativity is what makes humans human. GLOs brings out the differences. Our very own creative units and friendly creative partners are devoted to create innovative solutions for the future.



REFRACT refracts the mainstream of the Asia’s world city into a subcultural and indie world of music, movies and fashion brand through articles, in-depth interviews, music concerts and movie screening. Most recent event would be the "Last Dinosaurs Southeast Asia Tour 2019 - Live in Hong Kong".

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With a firm belief that the provoking of global visions in a region is to bring international perspectives into the everyday life, GLOs presents the inseparable significance of international relations and lifestyle through a series of remarkable happenings with taste to the minds of all walks of life.


the_ blanks

the_ blanks inspires people to pursue the inevitable questions, like where are we from, by holding a variety of meaningful and interactive events from different perspectives. We also share the international insights by publishing articles with specific topics. Enjoy our membership discount in our GLOs Cafe and other partner cafes.

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Global citizenship should be thrived in future learning. GLOs encourages the future pillars to see the intricate world through macroscopic and futuristic lenses. The state-of-the-art projects of future learning are not exclusive to education for the younger ones. Academic research and consultant services provided by us advantage all, ranging from listed companies to government departments.


Glocal Creative Thinking Academy

Artificial intelligence has stirred up a lot of excitement in recent years, and GCTA strives to bring AI to our young generations. Dr. Code from Hong Kong joins hands with Codomo from Singapore to found Dr. Codomo, introducing  Singaporean coding course and teaching methodology to Hong Kong.

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International relations studies focus on the international political and economic relationship between parties, asserting an impact on the environmental and cultural development around the globe. GLOs Research “aims to advocate” the proactive participation of HongKongers  in regional and global issues.

GLOs Academy

GLOs Academy partners with HKUSPACE to provide courses about One Belt One Road and the Greater Bay Area, promoting international relations to local students. The Academy also provides international relations articles and analyses through the online platform "Glos Review."


GLOs aims to narrow the gap between civic society and academic field of international relations and cultivate talents with cultural exposure in the age of globalisation. GLOs Community strives to construct a sustainable and multicultural society through the means of general education, cultural exchange and experimental teaching.


GLOs Roundtable

Roundtable Institute and its Network, also known as Roundtable, assists government in policy research and creates a non-partisan and multicultural platform for research talents of the next generation. Different units of Roundtable - including education, publishing and research - carry out various kinds of activities to promote the exchange between the youth and individuals from all walks of life.